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The prospect of food machinery

AUTHOR:admin PAGE VIEW:933TIME:2018-12-21 03:20:51
The development of food machinery in China a long way to go, the vast space, investigate its main reason is that our country people's consumption of food is mostly from agricultural raw food, every year because of lack of necessary food processing machinery make food resources cannot be directly processing, storage, preservation and losses as high as several billion yuan, not deep processing loss caused waste of resources comprehensive utilization is higher, so the food machinery in our country has a broad market prospect, and future development.
Product of food machinery manufacturing industry in our country, to keep up with international advanced level of many, but the real with independent intellectual property rights and it is a little with technology innovation products. Here "with" word, is "follow up" even a generic, and innovation. Food machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country, therefore, should from the perspective of innovation, from the height of the independent intellectual property rights to develop new products, develop advanced equipment with the international first-class level, in this way, can we truly achieve the domestic food machinery manufacturing industry to upgrade.
China's food machinery manufacturing industry is on the rise in recent years, food safety is increasingly serious, equipment upgrades become a big trend, because of this, China's food machinery manufacturing industry in the future quite a long period of time will keep growing, and more and more high degree of automation, also drive the rapid development of automation of the original.